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Public Tenders

FMS-SG is a wholly owned subsidiary of FMS Wertmanagement AöR. FMS-SG is required to apply the relevant regulations on the award of public contracts (public procurement law). This means that upwards of a certain limit FMS-SG is required to award its contracts through pan-European competitive tendering.

In addition to the Restriction of Competition Act and the Regulation on the Award of Public Contracts, the procurement activities of FMS Wertmanagement are subject in particular to the regulations of Section 2 of the Procurement and Contract Procedures for Supplies and Services, Part A, as well as the Regulation on the Contract Awards for Public Works, Part A, and the Regulation on Contract Awards for independent Professional Services.

Information on FMS-SG's current tenders is available on the FMS Wertmanagement AöR homepage.



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