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  • Unlocking value in complex portfolios

    Specialists for infrastructure finance and fixed income
  • Protecting and enhancing value

    Specialists in infrastructure finance
  • Supporting infrastructure investments

    Specialists in infrastructure finance
  • Transparency on risk

    Specialists in risk & valuation
  • Remodeling financial structures

    Specialists in fixed income
  • Keep infrastructure investments on track

    Specialists in infrastructure finance


Our teams advise FMS-WM and BAWAG on a wide range of Operations topics. In addition to technical and practical support for complex projects, Operations supports FMS-WM and BAWAG* primarily in the following Areas:

  • Securities / Money Market and Derivatives Settlement
  • Management of Bond, Medium Term Note and Commercial Paper Issuing
  • Collateral management (based on CSA's and GMRA repo transactions)
  • Management of repurchase agreements (bilateral, trilateral, EUREX)
  • International multi-currency payment transactions
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Credit management in all asset classes*
  • Monitoring and processing of changes to loan conditions in daily business*
  • Booking of loan loss provisions, changes to loan conditions and bookings/entries for downgraded credits/loans
  • Communication with members of the loan syndicate*
  • Other regulatory data requirements*
  • Capture of Credit payments and daily postings of interest and scheduled loan repayments*
  • Administration of contracts and customer relationships in the system, as well as all other relevant adjustments*



  • Konrad-Zuse-Straße 1,
    85716 Unterschleissheim
  • Germany
  • +49 89 540 24 0


  • R1 Spencer Dock, 3A Mayor Street Upper,
    North Wall, Dublin
  • Ireland D01 PF72
  • +353 1 8759 200